Reusable Menstrual Cups: Care for the Environment

More and more people realize just how much waste they are contributing to the environment. This has resulted in the highest pollution figures ever recorded in our history. Those who are environmentally conscious now see the need to do something about it. They have decided to start by reducing their load on the environment. One such innovation is the use of washable menstrual cups. When a woman is on her menses, she can go through quite some sanitary pads, depending on the nature of her cycle. But with this Reusable Menstrual Cup, her waste contribution gets diminished significantly.

The menstrual cup is bell-shaped and is used for protection when it comes to the menses. It is worn inside the woman's reproductive organ, much in the same way they would have worn a tampon. It serves as an eco-friendlier alternative. It works, not by absorbing the menstrual fluids, but by storing it as it gets released, for the time the woman shall be ready to dispose of it, or when it is full.

The capacity of a menstrual cup is higher than that of a tampon, with some having twice the capacity. This makes their use more convenient since they can be used twice as long, thereby reducing the number of times a woman has to keep checking on herself. It is thus ideal for those who lead active lives, or for those who are traveling, or even for those who are engaged in a sporting activity that might take a while, such as a marathon.

Most of the manufactured menstrual cups are hypoallergenic, with some made of latex, and others of silicone. Those with sensitive skin will not lack for options. One cup can serve you for extended periods, anywhere over ten years. The only thing that would make you change one is if you felt it was no longer as snug, due to changes in your body. Do look for quality  Reusable Menstrual Cup options as they can be very advantageous.

When you are using it, you only need to take it out, dispose of the menstrual fluids, rinse it, and re-insert it. To be sure of the cleanliness, you are advised to boil it in water once the cycle ends. You will get the necessary handling implements from the same place you bought the cup. This is ideal for those who have allergic reactions to anything else.

To be on the safe side, you need to buy one that is made purely from silicone. Ensure that its size is comfortable to wear, and does not in any way intrude on your life's activities. Here are some of the Pros and Cons to menstrual cup use: